Between March 1972 and May 1973 Gallery House provided a space for
avant-garde artists to experiment with complete artistic freedom. Located in a
grand building owned by the Goethe Institute in central London, it was run by
curators Sigi Krauss and Rosetta Brooks. They created an environment for
some of the most provocative artists of the day, insisting that ‘the gallery
never close, never charge admission and never censor artists.’ Through
exhibitions, talks and film shows, Gallery House showcased a range of
practices from sound to performance to installations from artists such as
David Medalla, Sigmar Polke, Carolee Schneemann, Stuart Brisely, Gustav
Metzger, Marc Chaimovicz and John Latham. the critical and non-commercial approach to artistic
practice embodied by Gallery House. As an event, Gallery House exists as
brief archival glimpses and in the memories of those who were there.

... is taking place at FTHo, (studio House of John Latham) where 4 young artists have been invited to produce work informed by archive material about Gallery House.
' There was an opening, The carpet was squishy '
Fausta Bolettieri
Lisa Kim
Oscar Holloway
Marisol Rodriguez
Barbara Sánchez
Eva Tyler
Gili Yuval
Curatorial Team.
MA Culture Criticism & Curation
Central Saint Martins 2014